Choosing a Topic

            Freedom can be great or hard. For my EDIT 200 class we have to create a blog and talk about something on the area of educational technology. I can choose whatever topic I want? Great! What I am going to talk about? This is hard.

            My professor Gretchen Thomas told the class about the genius hour hash tag, and it has been a lifesaver so far. Children have been doing amazing projects for their genius hour, and I am impressed. But being inspired by an 8 year old kid makes me rethink my academic choices.

            Through tagboard I found a survey that was done by an 8 year old on video games’ names and how interesting they sound (you can see it here). So I thought to myself “videogames are a great way to get children and teenagers inspired, maybe I should talk about that”. But then I realized I should probably include something that is related to my degree, which is International Affairs. So, I remembered an app that I used when I during my freshman year called ForcaCapitais, which means “Capitals Hangman” in Portuguese. This was an app where I used to play hangman with world capitals, and learn them.

            There was also another app called “QuizUp” where people can choose from a huge amount of categories and play against others. There are a lot of categories about movies, books, TV shows, but also about countries, flags, and school subjects.

            Last year when my sister was a junior in High school and was studying for her SATs, I found an app from College Board called “The SAT question of the day”. She would answer one question in the car going to school everyday, and this was the extra push that helped her to succeed in her test.

            With these apps and various others, high school students can learn through games that can be downloaded to their phones and tablets for free. These tap into their competitive spirit and without noticing, they will be learning. These are all apps that I have used and loved, so I believe teenagers will also be very excited to use them.


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