Research Plan

          My question for my 20% project is: which apps can be used to help high school students in their learning process? Especially in learning about other countries, their flags, capitals, people, etc. Also, how can we make learning fun through these apps? I hope to find a lot of apps that are games, this way the students will be more interested in it.

          My research plan is to spend a lot of time on the App Store, or the Google Play Store looking for apps for Apple and Android devices. Searching in these stores is not that hard. By using key terms, one can find a huge amount of apps that relate to what they want. But, because there is a huge amount of apps that relate to what one wants, this may take some time.

          I believe that I am going to be very excited when I find these apps. I already am, but I want to test as many as I can, and I hope they can help me as much as they can help a high school student.

          Another part of my research is going to be focused on asking students if they use these types of apps. Hopefully I can use twitter to answer this question. Tagboard helped me to find my topic, and I believe it is definitely a tool I can use for my research. I believe I can get opinions from teachers through this. “Googling”about specific educational apps usually generates great results, and will help me to get feedback on those.

          I also want to spend sometime asking my sister that is in high school and her friends if they already use apps that help them learn. If not, I want to ask them if they would be my “lab rats” for this month and tell me if they liked educational apps, and if they had fun using them.



One thought on “Research Plan

  1. Hey Ana!

    I really like your topic and I think you’ll get a lot of quality results from your search. But, I was wondering how you plan to choose which apps to look at. As you mentioned, there are soooo many different types of apps available and there’s no way you can look at them all.

    I think the asking students part of your plan is amazing. That’s probably one of the best things you could do to gather information.

    Happy researching!

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