Research Update – SAT Question of the Day app

So far I have asked high school students (mostly my sister’s friends) about which apps they use for learning. Only three of them said they use this tool to learn. Which gave me the idea of telling them after my project is done about other apps, and how helpful they are.

My sister and her friends said they use the SAT app and the SAT question of the day app (QOTD). Those are very focused on a specific test, the SAT, because that is what they are most concerned about in high school. So I decided to take a look at it.


With this app, the student can answer a daily question that is either about math, writing or reading. The questions usually alternate, so if today you answer a math question, tomorrow you will probably answer a reading one. They can also answer the past 7 questions, so if they miss some days, they can just go back and do them.


Today’s question was a math one. I answered and got it right (thankfully). After I answered they showed me the explanation and they way to solve the problem. I answered it wrong after that and they gave me the option of trying again, or just looking at the right answer and explanation.


They also show the statistics on the percentage of people that answered that question correctly or not. In this specific question, only 63% of the students got it right. They show how long it took me to answer the question as well, so I can time myself.


The SAT question of the day is a very good tool to help students to learn. It is also very quick, and a great way to practice without realizing you are actually practicing. And it is right there on your phone!


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