I know!!

Well, my sister and her friends are on summer break now, so they are not being such a great help to my project. I tried talking to them, but it is summer, so they are not that excited about “learning through apps”.

But, my cousin is in high school in Brazil and she still has classes (until the World Cup starts). I asked her some questions, and what I have learned from her is that Brazil is not that advanced yet when it comes to educational technology, at least not in my small country town. In her class there are 20 students, and only 12 have smartphones, 7 iPhones and 5 Androids. But she told me about an app that all of them often use.


“Eu Sei” translates to “I know” in English. It is an app about various topics, where you get a hint and guess the word. Most of the categories are trivial like movies, athletes , brands, characters, etc. But you cannot chose your category, you start playing and they put all these words together, one after the other, with no pattern.


10376335_784427071576886_3252624542237930925_n       10352891_784427101576883_7093357892602228220_n      10372291_784427061576887_359956080201294740_n

But I also saw state names with their flags and politicians. Of course those are Brazilian states and politicians, but it is good to know that if Brazil has an app like that, probably other countries have something similar.

10410253_784427064910220_2652889986416878720_n    10376044_784427058243554_3524482317148706874_n

There are also world cities, and that was my favorite category.


You get points by guessing the names right, and you can use those points to ask for hints. Small hints, or very helpful hints.


Or to skip the question completely.


You can also log in with Facebook and challenge your friends and compare results.


I have not been playing with this app for that long, but I am already addicted to it. Even tough this is not an intentional educational app, and there are a lot of categories that are not very informative, some of them are. And if they are learning at least something, I feel like it is a good app.



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