Project Conclusion

               This is my last official blog post =[ but after this one I will make two more bonus posts about two other apps that I found. This has been a great project and because of my awesome research topic, I got to play with great apps and have a great time.

               What I have learned so far is that learning through apps and games is possible, and that enjoying the process and having fun is essential. I had to test multiple apps, and if they were not enjoyable I would play with them for about five minutes and give up. I am supposed to have a higher tolerance for boredom than a child or high schooler, I am in college after all, and boring lectures are my life now, but if I could not handle it, I am sure kids would not be able to do it either. Therefore, I only looked for fun apps that had a short lasting game cycle, but that the students could spend a long time playing with it if they wanted to. If the student is not engaged in the task, s/he will not learn, and s/he will not want to do that again. Enjoying your time is essential for the student to learn through apps and games.

               Although I believe I found great apps in such the short time that was the duration of this project, I need to find more apps that will help teenagers and children in their learning process. I believe I was very successful at finding QuizUp, and I am extremely happy that everyone I told about this app, really enjoyed it. But, maybe the student want something that is more focused on one specific topic, and I wish I had more time to help with that.

               As a result of this project, I want to share the apps I found with others. As I said all my college friends really enjoy QuizUp, and my sister’s high school friends are crazy about it as well. If I can find more apps that serve the same purpose or go beyond that, I want them to know about it as well. I really want teenagers and children to be more interested in learning, and with these apps they actually learn by themselves. They take initiative and play with the games because they want to, outside of a classroom.

               After doing my research, I recommend future students to learn more about the role of teachers in students using educational apps. All apps I researched were downloaded by students independently, I did not hear about a teacher telling his/her students to download a determined app and play with it, especially not game ones. It would be great to know if teachers are involved in suggesting educational game apps.

                I do not wish to repeat myself, but to reinforce the feeling that I really enjoyed learning about educational game apps while playing games. I hope I can help someone with this research. My sister is already more interested in playing with these apps, and if I can get her to become a more active learner outside of the class through this project, all of this research was already worth it.


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