I probably found the best app to learn about anything.

I have been playing with it for a long time now, and I never thought of it as an educational app. But this is the exact purpose of my project, learning through apps and games and having fun while doing it. The app is called QuizUp and it has questions about basically everything.


There are over 500 categories in QuizUp. The topics are Arts, Business, Educational, Games, Geography, History, Lifestyle, Literature, Movies, Music, Nature, Science, Sports and TV. And these topics are divided into subtopics. Take for example the Educational topic, you can choose from Math to Spelling, from Finish the saying to Spanish.


First you choose the topic, which can take a long time considering the amount of choices. Once you choose your topic you can play with people from around the world.

Image       Image       Image

And they show you the results in the end, with the details from the match. You can see the questions that were asked and the right answers, so you can review your progress.

Image        Image

Or you can challenge your friends. Logging In with Facebook is necessary to play with your friends though.


Image        Image


When you challenge you friends you do not play simultaneously as you do when it is around the world. You play first, answer all the questions, then you friend plays. Once both have played, they show you the results on your home page. You can play various topics and just wait for your friend to answer.


Image       Image     

Image      Image

I think this is probably the app that answers all my questions regarding this project. It is great, educational, fun, and addictive. As you can see in this next picture, I did not check the app for 2 days, and I saw my friends challenged me 29 times. Not all categories were educational, but they are fun!







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